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Yes I will cancel you if I notice you are promoting self hate,

yes I will cancel you if you have dark skin complexion but always tearing down people with dark skin complexions…

yes I will I will cancel you, if you have no compassion for the things you say and continue to say these THINGS.

Yes you will be canceled if your raising dark skin kids and filling they head with insecurities.

Yes you will be canceled if you receive your likes, shares and contributions from mostly darker skin people and yet and still you find time to make horrible jokes centered around them and their features.

Yes people like this should be canceled and if their not and their constantly promoted and the people promoting them usually are just like them and benefit off of colorism.

Let’s talk about those PEOPLE that constantly benefit from colorist statements how do they benefit you ask ???

BY NEVER CONSTANTLY being the butt of the JOKE…

By always being able to laugh and not CRY because your SKIN TONE is being made fun of…..

How do you BENEFIT!!!!

by you always getting more job opportunities because your looked at as more “DESIRABLE”

And why would you stand up for colorist statements nobody is dragging the way you look all over social platforms, and tv shows and music lyrics, magazines etc…

NOBODY is saying your likely to be punched because your darker skin and you can’t see the bruises.

Nobody is telling you, your pretty for your skin tone and constantly giving you back handed compliments.

So why would you care about colorism or colorist statements why would you care if those people don’t get canceled WHYYY!

So yes I would CANCEL you with no problem…

With that being said Thanks for reading CANCELED have you had to cancel someone recently or in the past? Because I do it all the TIME

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