Short story time 😌

I never meant to hurt you….

By Sparkle X

Chapter 22

I know she sees me, I know she can feel my presence, I know she smells my scent I know she knows I’m near.

But still she ignores me, continues to laugh, giggle and lightly touch pat on her shoulder. Continues to gaze into pats eyes and continues to stroke pats kinky Afro.

She’s doing everything that I would have wanted her to do to me. So what! she does not know that I exist, so what! I am obsessed, so what! she’s younger then me and I should not have these thoughts these feelings.

But what if she likes older women, what if she does not see me as a mean old lady like the neighborhood kids calls me.

Why do I feel like I’m being tortured from not ever being noticed, why did I let myself get so bitter and undesirable, why did I let this sweet thick lip, thick hips lady not ever notice me.

I know she never meant to hurt me but she does every moment I can’t have her, hold her or read my poetry to her. I know she never meant to hurt me as she plays with pats kinky fro and smiles deeply into her eyes with her perfect dimples showing on each cheek.

I know she never meant to hurt me but she does every day.

The end.

I Never met to hurt you

By Sparkle X

*Have you ever wanted someone so bad you even fantasized about them?

*Have you ever allowed age differences to get in the way of you expressing your feelings for someone?

*Have you ever had your feelings hurt by someone that didn’t even know you exist?

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