A Big D and a Smile

By Sparkle X

She was so young and full of love and when people heard her name, and knew that she was around it was always a great time and some great energy. Her personality resonated inside and out and she knew and loved the attention and even started to unwillingly crave the stares.

Craved the wanting eyes the lust the admiration the compliments and the need of wanting more. But what she didn’t know was those moment of admiration was coming from A big D And a Smile. The D that’s laced with blood and flesh that grows by the moment and attacks when it’s warm, hot and thirsty.

And When that big D and a smile attacked and drew blood she was now with child, broken, scorn, tired and depressed, uneducated and just a hot mess. Seasons can change and the D still will remain the same, and she will still be there to hold on tight and kiss his toes at night.

Each big D and a smile was not unhappy at all, always full of life because the D was taking over hers. The D will remain unmarried and never appeared to be loyal but will always smile in her face with those wicked veins and toxic flesh asking for some and she returns yes.

She will never learn she will remain loyal because the big D and a smile has turned her into the fighter, the breeder, the cooker, the cleaner and the worker. While the big D and a smile gets tucked in at night.

She admired the Big D and a smile and sometimes she wish she was him.

However she was happy she was not, she was happy that she knew her self worth, knew that she wanted more needed more and deserved more.

She still learned to love learned to step outside her faith and the brainwashed tactics, she took off the Cape and started kissing the mirror when she seen who was staring back, and the Big D and a Smile became the dust she no longer desired .

The End

Big D and a Smile

Sparkle X

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