The fear of the Rope

By Sparkle X The fear of the ROPE Vol 22 As I sit in the park waiting for my turn to jump double dutch something I have always wanted to be good at but always so scared of doing. I think it was more of a fear of getting hit by the rope I wasContinue reading “The fear of the Rope”

Today is the day!

Today’s the day part 22 Sooo I decided today is the day I’m going back to the gym lol yes I know it’s not that deep it’s just the gym but know it really is that deep. Chase bank reminds me every month that it’s bigger then me, I am spending money on something I’mContinue reading “Today is the day!”

Don’t get it Twisted

Often as people our silence can be misconstrued as weakness… the truth is we are often making the stronger choice to just not engage… How do you feel about this statement? It gives me choose your battles wisely vibes. I also feel like as I’m getting older and wiser to not argue with someone intoContinue reading “Don’t get it Twisted”

I’m new and I’m excited

Well hello and welcome to my blog page. My name is sparkle x I am very new to the land of blogging but figured it’s time for me to start. Not only do I enjoy a great conversation PS I’m not a fan of small talk, I love writing out my thoughts however sharing thoseContinue reading “I’m new and I’m excited”